Feb 3, 2011

ballet shoes on her wedding list

So I think so far I am right on schedule. According to sources at this rate I should be doing my list of guests and choosing my colors. Well I may not have my colors down but I already have many little details figured out. The one thing stressing me out a bit is when I think ahead and wonder how I will be able to do everything just as I want from so far away. Destination weddings I believe are the hardest, unless youre choosing a resort that will do everything for you. I have so many ideas I wish I can just blog it all out at once. So sorry in advance if my little blog turns into a wedding inspiration blog for the rest of the year. For now let me get right back on my hunt for little brass vintage keys ;)


  1. Congratulations on you engagement... such wonderful news!

    I absolutely cannot wait to hear more about your plans. It will be fun to read about someone else who is also going through the same process.

    Your taste is beautiful, so this will be good!

  2. thank you! Yeah I know, its so much more exciting seeing what other brides have to share :D