Jul 8, 2010


soda is bad for you.
Soda is one of the most acidic beverages with a pH about the same as vinegar, which is bad for your esophagus and stomach. Soda also contains high levels of phosphorous, which seeps calcium from your bones which contribute to weaker bones and ostosporosis. Not to mention, Soda has also a very high content of sugar which contributes to excessive calories and obesity. And lastly, many research studies have linked soda to kidney problems. Think about it this way, the ingredients are actually not really fit to be for human consumption, the body does not need it, so you shouldn't either. There's nothing beneficial about drinking soda, what does it do for your health? If I managed to make you at least a tiny bit guilty about all the soda left in your fridge, think about it this way: You can use it to clean your toilet or your car because its been proven to be strong enough to eliminate rust and that grease stain on your shirt, yeap, along with softening you teeth enamel promoting plaques and cavities OUCH!


  1. haha, your blog is amazingly cute! Thank goodness I'm not a coke addict.

  2. thank you hun, and I'm no addict either, but I still drink it every once in a while (probably about once every month) and I really need to stop. I thought maybe if I write about it, I can remember it more and give it up all together.

  3. Yuckkkyyyy!

    I really try not to drink soda, I KNOW how bad it is...but sometimes I just can't help it! Thankfully it is not often, but like you I should just kick it out of my life for good...poison. blech. Your post motivates me ha!

  4. My name is louise and I am a diet soft drink addict..

    I have at least 1 sugar free redbull and usually 2 coke zeros a day :S

    I can see the effects too with kidney problems in the past and more recently having to get 4 root canals for a tooth that fell apart.

    eekk i think i need to stop (she says taking a sip from her coke zero..) :S

  5. @ Kalie Thanks hun I hope it motivates us enough and we give up for good haha

    @Thrive on Novelty OMG HAHAHA you are so funny, you had me laughing. Don't worry I understand you, soft drinks taste sooo gooood, it's hard to give it up.

  6. I don't like coke much either haha :)

    vanilla coke isn't bad though.

    sometimes we treat ourselves though- no matter the consequences, right?

    xx scarzz

  7. eek! i'll try not to take too much from now on.


  8. oh thats not good :(
    better stick with the chocolate at least I know whats in it

  9. have you read the article about diet sodas OMG. It's scary. I never drink fizzy drinks... well unless it's lemonade with pimms :)

  10. @ Kim Oh yes! I was speechless. Its like many people see its "diet" and assume its better for them not knowing it may actually be worst o.O

  11. Wow!

    I can honestly say I am guilty of drinking soda with practically every meal, infact I spack if I find that there is none left when it comes to dinner time...I just can't drink water...can't...
    Not that I drink Coke at all that much, I normally just have lemonades, still bad but oh well! I never drink Diet sodas however as they taste awful and I've heard how dangerous they are if you drink them for a long time...

  12. oh no! I think I will have to start an I-used-to-be-a-coke-addict-club, wait that sounds real bad lol