Apr 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Bridesmaids

Eliza Lopes waving to the cameras
Okay okay, I know, Catherine Middleton looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress. But I'm not going to post on that, not only because thousands of others blogs have so and theres no reason on me to repeat history, but because seriously someone had to do a post of these tiny little beauties. Come on, look at that face! Apart from maybe being a bit overtired, how adorable did these little girls look waving to the public? Ah that face! Eliza Lopes (who by the way can be one of Angelina's and Brad Pitt's daughter just saying) along with all the other bridesmaids looked absolutely adorable. I thought it was so sweet for Prince William and Katherine Middletown (or should I now say Princess Katherine?) to choose all her bridesmaids to be young girls. I myself, will not only be having one flowergirl but three, and if it was up to me I wanted even more, however there are no other age-appropriate girls that I know :(. Did you, or would you like to have children take part of your wedding party?

Apr 23, 2011

honeymoon in Quisqueya la bella

As most of you guys know, my honeymoon will also take place in the Dominican Republic. Me and the fiancee have been searching for that perfect place and boy are there many! We are in between a few in Punta Cana or Cayo Levantado Samana. Among them there is one where the pool goes all around the resort which means that when you step out of your own balcony you can jump in the pool. How cool is that? This is a five star luxury adult-only resort which means its all about relaxation, tranquility and the best service, not to mention stunning views since it is located on one of the best islands in the Caribbean. I just can't wait to soak up all that tropical warmth with the mister in the comfort of my own hammock- Yeap, every suite balcony has one! The best thing? All these are completely affordable. Ahhh someone pinch me please!
I don't know if I should be more excited about the wedding or the honeymoon. I think its hard to choose, wouldn't you?

Apr 18, 2011

featuring my lovely home...

Isn't just lovely? My room is the one on the top right with the tiny balcony. This is where I do most of my blogging from. I love opening my doors and letting the fresh air run through my hair as I just sit down and write. Most of the time though you will catch me spread over a blanket in the front yard reading a book while the mister visits and drinks some cold lemonade and enjoys the view. Want to see pictures from the inside? Well I don't have any, because well fine you got me- This is not my home :( Can't a girl dream?! :) haha
This is actually the Thorngrove Castle in Australia. Found via SunSurfer. You can stay in this heavenly place for about $700 a night and you can actually view the inside and everything else on their website here. I'll just stay here for a while dreaming of my home *coughs*  yes thats right let me keep on dreaming :)

Apr 17, 2011

now and then

Today I had a reunion with my best friends from Junior High. Can you imagine? Its been more than 15 years! It's such a sweet but strange feeling at the same time looking at these faces you haven't seen in such a while. Two of them, went to high school with me, so we definitely have a long history, however even High School was still a long time ago. I wish I had pictures of us back then from when our teacher would call us "high noses" which basically means stuck-ups. We weren't, I assure you. Its just in his opinion our little group, the four of us, always had the "stylish clothes on and we would walk like we own the place and let no one else in our little group." He was so funny, because this was not the case. We were just pretty close and that was it. Come on, we were only eleven and twelve years old after all. 
The film "Now and Then" always reminded me of us, except it was different times. We grew up in the 90's in New York City. But one thing is the same, their bond and how simple and care-free life was back then. Ahhh to be so young again! And if you have never watched "Now and Then" then you and I do not speak the same language missy.

Apr 16, 2011

braids and nose-kisses

Isn't this braid hairstyle just beautiful? I'm just not sure its wearable at all, or even possible to make unless you have extremely long hair. Nevertheless its pretty amazing huh?

And check out this gorgoeus laid-back wedding, seriously you just have to! At OnceWed.com
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Apr 10, 2011

my bohemian style is loosing its roots...

Finding a dress is really not that hard at all, specially in New York City. But finding thee* dress is a completely different story. My first thought was to rent it. Yeah, I know it may sound strange. But in the island where I was born and where I will be getting married it is actually pretty common thing to do. Don't get me wrong, in this little island people will waste thousands and thousands of dollars at every single detail of the wedding yet the dress is the most inexpensive thing since it is most likely rented. It makes sense after all, its only a dress that you are going to wear once, and most probably by the time your daughter gets married she will want something new and in style. So this was not a big deal to me, I went to D.R expecting to rent a dress. However it was not that easy. I don't consider myself picky, if anything I just wanted a simple dress. But this was not the case. After browsing a few stores I found nothing. And the dress I did like, was pretty simple for the type of wedding we will be having. I liked it, and I would have been fine with it. It looks pretty much like the dress in the picture, except it is a bit teeny weeny more elegant. Its has more layers of the soft organza material making it more flowy. It feels like walking on clouds. And it also has many little details at the waist. However, my mother and my aunt where not pleased. I have noticed in Quisqueya, wedding dresses tend to be very elegant (yes even rented ones), so my dress compared to the wedding would look a bit too common. I know I'm the one who has to like the dress. However, I was not in love with the dress. It was just the best I can find, and when I saw my mother's face I knew it was not the one, even after she said "it is very pretty, beautiful actually however I'm not sure its the one." Now I am here back in New York City, the city of fashion, where yes there are countless of dresses, but finding one can be so much harder. I feel sometimes my wedding is taking a completely different style from what I originally wanted. My style is very bohomian with a bit of a chic-modern twist to it, however this wedding is becoming very elegant, chic and modern and I just hope I find ways to incorporate a bit of that boho-chic into it :/

Isn't this Los Angeles wedding picture just beautiful? The behemian style of the bride just made it so dreamy. View the rest of it at StyleMePretty
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