Mar 28, 2010

I'm all bubbly like a little girl

so today I texted the mister this pic cause I thought it was too cute. I sent it to his phone while he was at work and told him “this is me and you"
He then sent me a text back asking why we had no hair.
I was offended he just looked for the flaw in it :/ But after a few seconds I receive the bottom picture with the words “you and I”

How cute and sweet can he be? Silliness is always cute no matter the age you are :)

Mar 23, 2010

some pretty little things

from top to bottom: second picture of Anabella (when she was 2-years-old and me). Other pictures from

Mar 20, 2010

pride and prejudice

I am completely mesmerized by this movie- the beautiful costumes, the gorgeous scenery- the timeless visuals are just heart-stopping. The era was captured to perfection, and I felt entirely engrossed in the storyline. Ah if I count the times I heard of this movie being praised and critically acclaimed and never called my attention one bit. Finally gave it the time of day since the mister had gotten us a Netflix account and I wanted to fill it up a little. Have to say this movie has been listed on to my favorite films. I cannot belive that I never paid any attention to this movie since I loved “Sense and Sensibility” which is another film based on Jane Austen’s classics.
Jane Austen’s classics and written masterpieces have been transferred beautifully and successfully into these two stunning films, which made me quickly search for other films based on her books. I just love the era, the grace and elegance, the respect and all the formal traditions and simplicity. I have both books as well, and will now be grabbing a copy of “Emma” at Barnes and Noble to read over the summer at the park on my own little picnic sheet while the sun hits my face ;) Ah the good stuff!

Mar 12, 2010

five random things that made me smile today

1. My boyfriend texting me “te amo mi vida” ♥
2. One of my friends waking me up with a “good morning”
3. having my cousin Yokaira tell her sister that “she [as in me Zaira Mabel] feels my happiness.” Because I literally do.
4. hearing my little niece Anabella still calls the guest room in her house “Zaira’s room.”
5. googling my name and having my facebook and iheart account come up first thing (every other Zaira Mabel falls behind >:). Trying it again, this time with my name and last name, and again coming up first :) hehehe Makes me all giddy for no reason

Mar 9, 2010

the yin to my yang days

So I’ve been having one of those months where everything is going so wrong that you think it’s just a matter of time before I end up at the hospital. I just couldn’t stay in a positive note no matter what I tried.  I was getting sick after sick, it was just a matter of days before I caught something else. I found myself at the E.R. twice and trust me its not a good feeling when the nurses recognize you, no matter how sweet they may greet you. I know that many people have it way worst that I do, but when you’re going through hardships its difficult to see things this way. Rather, I just engrossed on the lives of friends and acquaintances who have it so good that I just wondered “why can my life be as easy as theirs?” And yes, if you’re thinking that everyone’s grass is not as green as it seems, oh trust me I would find ways to argue this rule. I just couldn’t understand why one bad thing led to another and no matter how much I tried to avoid it, it lead to some other worst scenario and a bunch of hospital residents looking over at me like a specimen. But I couldn’t see myself or even think of one reason why I would want to be laid out on a medical examiner’s table by the end of the day shoving me down with even more medication than I already take, and with the way things were going you can pretty much guarantee a trip to the old slab by dusk. So I decided I needed to stay positive. If I change my way of thinking somehow I’ll attract better things to come. I found it odd and even a bit depressing that with all the good fortunes I’ve had I should even be “depressed.” That I should wake up all down and gloomy where just not an option no matter how sick I was, I’ve had way too many blessings to take them for granted. So instead I concentrated on looking forward to my 7 year “lifeiversary.” Yes,lifeiversary (from anniversary ;P). It’s going to be seven years since my transplant, and even though my immune system has been so down this year with all the immunosuppressants I’m given, and for some reason I’ve had so many drawbacks, I’m still up and running, my organs are intact and healthy as a horse, and I’ve had way too many good things in my life to let some little flus & viruses and stumbles take me down. So here is to good health and a positive mind, oh and it never harms to put some good old love and happiness on the side ;)

Mar 8, 2010

urban outfitters

I absolutely love Urban Outfitters spring catalog '10, the shots are so inspiring

this picture up here reminds me of my grandfather’s place in “mi Quisqueya la bella.” Actually, everything vintage reminds me of my country. Maybe that’s why I’m so in love with antique pictures and objects, clothes, anything you name it. See the old radio in the picture next to the bed? Theres also a flashlight next to it. I love these little details that tell us of simpler times and places. The picture looks so effortless with its antique twin-bed, cracked old walls, even to the sheer white curtain- so simple yet adds those perfect aged touches. The picture below is another perfect example on how simple a picture can be, yet absolutely delicate and beautiful. I love how the sun is hitting the picture in between the shadows.

Mar 6, 2010

salt on my hair

Last night  I dreamt I was a mermaid and woke up with salt on my hair and sand on my shoes. But in the light of day, the salt itches my skin, and the sand bothers my toes. I scratch, I rub off, I shove -yet trying to remain what I once was. I breathe in whispers of what others can’t understand. I try to speak, but words are yet to come out. I just want to sing, so that no one will forget who I was, who I am. But the day has uncovered my veil and I don’t look as beautiful as I once was. It’s hard to breathe in with no water to cover my eyes from all this pollution, all these scattered letters and lies of what was once beautiful.  I need someone’s arms to guide me along, I’m not as strong without my seas. I look down at my legs, yet I don’t know how to use them. I want to run far, stretch my arms and laugh, but the salt on my skin itches and the sand in my shoes bothers my toes

Mar 5, 2010

tim walker

Oh I so want to be flipping through the pages of this enchanting book right now

Mar 4, 2010

summer books

I'm having those weeks where you just can’t wait for summer to arrive, not even spring, don’t get me wrong I love spring as well. But today I crave for those sticky hot summer days where you just want to go to the park lay out at the highest point you can find next to a nice tree shadow to feel the hardly-existant warm breeze run through your legs, all the while reading a good old summer book. Ahhh…the good days.
And then, end the day going home through this gorgeous lane (well my NYC lanes have a little more concrete buildings all around ha but yeah one can always dream…:)