Feb 4, 2011

pretty laces and little details

Isn't that just a lovely picture? I was captivated by the sepia feel to the picture but also to her little lace dress. Lace adds such a feminine touch to clothes. What caught my attention the most was that I have a similiar dress with hints of black little details. Don't you just hate when you find a pretty photograph and fall in love with something in it but then have no way of finding out where the clothes is from? Tumblr and Weheartit are such beautiful inspirational sites for photographs however copyrights are mostly lost in these sites, truly sad. Anywhos, if you are interested in the dress above you might also like a similar dress by Dahlia from Modcloth.com:
In Yo' Lace Dress
I bought this dress in the summer and everytime I wore it receive so many compliments.
Another alternative is from Asos.com, it is pretty much the same dress by the same Dahlia designer but with some little twists, click here to see it.


  1. Oh I love that dress!! I can see why you get lot of comments. White lace and black buttons = Perfection!!!


  2. both of these dresses are perfection. I love lace too much x.x.
    Casie Jean

  3. I love a several lace dresses. I love lace in a form a blouse, dress or featured as part of a clothing item.

    Lace adds a romantic and elegant feel to anything clothing.