Jun 22, 2010

I kiss you, you're beautiful, I want you to talk

I think I saw you in an ice-cream parlour,
drinking milk shakes cold and long
Smiling and waving and looking so fine, 
don't think you knew you were in this song

Jun 21, 2010

"So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane"

This is quite amazing, pretty much what we saw yesterday, there was quite some storms. Whole day raining on and off making little oceans in our streets ☂

Jun 18, 2010

Lost in Sofia Coppola's beautiful dreamy visions

One of my favorite books is My Sister's Keeper. I absolutely related to the characters and loved the storyline to its very last words. But I was disappointed with the movie, yes it's a cute movie but it wasn't what I was expecting and was simplified too much for my taste. For some reason, when I read it, I felt I was in a Sofia Coppola film (Marie Antoinette, Lost in Translation and the Virgin Suicides) with dreamy scenes and details.  I love Coppola's movies, yes I admit that Marie Antoinette wasn't for me at all, yet it is still quite beautiful to look at, with such ethereal pastel-colored scenes. And the Virgin Suicides? well all I have to say is that I was completed captivated with this movie. It is also a favorite among many people including me of course. Maybe My Sister's Keeper-Coppola-feeling has to do with the book cover as well- the soft colors, pink undertones and delicate young girls. But also the story is more moody and a little more dark (specially the ending) than what the movie projects which Coppola would have done wonders with in my opinion, I mean that has the moody yet airy delicate feeling of The Virgin Suicides written all over it. Even the author admits in her website that the ending "was hard for her to accept" but that it was out of her hands as soon she sold the rights, when hundreds of fans complained.  It is also quite interesting to see that a lot of people who have not read the book love the movie more than those who have actually read the book. Another thing that bothered me was that they changed the girl's ages in the movie and the little fact that the oldest sister Kate was a bit shorter and was mistakenly assumed to be the youngest one which I thought was important. I don't know, I guess it's just me but I love when a movie sticks very closely to details such as in The Virgin Suicides, where it many times felt like you were reading the book when in fact you were watching the movie. 
Oh and an interesting little info: Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning were supposedly set to play the parts, for some reason I think they would've fit a little more closely to what I imagined (and yes Elle is four years younger yet much taller than Dakota as well haha yeah I know I did like the movie don't get me wrong but I wouldve prefer it they sticked closer to the book and if the director of the Notebook had also paired up with Coppola for this one, now thats a dream movie to be huh?)

I'll leave you with another beautiful Sofia Copolla's film to come out soon. "Somewhere" starring Elle Fanning, which I can't wait to see and hopefully I'm not disappointed:

Jun 16, 2010

lovely words

"go girl seek happy nights to happy days" -William Shakespeare

Jun 15, 2010

and then she will turn around and smile

"In a few breaths' time will speak some sad words to you. But you must hear them the same way we have agreed to see scars now. Sad words are just another beauty. A sad story means, this storyteller is alive. The next thing you know, something fine will happen to her, something marvelous, and then she will turn around and smile."

I have just finished reading "Little Bee" and I am speechless all I can say, like a little kid who just witnessed something beautiful, is "wow." I seem to have underline about every other page with beautiful quotes. You can surely guarantee I will be looking for other books by Chris Cleave.
And you may ask, "How did I come upon this little treasure?" Well read it here

Jun 11, 2010

dresses, dresses, and prom

I don't know if you have had the chance to browse through some of the pictures of proms going on these days, but I had the unfortunately chance to when a friend's little cousin was tagged on the famous and infamous Facebook and I was dumbstruck. What are girls wearing these days? More and more pictures have been coming up these weeks from different proms and I just could not believe my eyes. You know those dresses that you look at in a store and make fun of telling your friend you are going to buy her that for her birthday in a sarcastic tone? And then your friend will gag at the thought of it. Well yeah imagine a whole prom full of them. Vomit green, orange, yellow brighter than the sun, or just some dress to emphasize their curves, boobs and leaving little for the guy's imagination and raging hormones. These dresses are girls' worst nightmare.
Little short dresses with ruffles and princess cuts and dreamy little details is supposedly what's in, like the picture above. If you want to wear what's in, that's cute, perfect example, not too much going on yet pretty. Yet whats going on? Where are these girls finding the horrific dark-colored dresses for their prom? I do not want to post pictures since I dont want to insult anyone in particular. But whats going on? And if its not a dark color, or showing half what their mama gave them, then its some long dress with so much going on I can't even explain it. Maybe it just happens to be all the prom pictures I've seen. Maybe you went to prom yourself or your sister and you have beautiful pictures to keep, but from my side of the world, I just dont know what has happened. Oh and the dresses with the glitter and all the sparkly stuff, um seriously someone explain whats going on there? Its halloween or club scene out there.
Girls, if its becoming a nightmare looking for the perfect dress why not opt for something just simple yet elegant and classy? And whatever happened to wanting to feel like a princess on you prom? Did teenagers just give up on this? Too much waiting for Prince Charming and rather just wear something revealing enough to catch whatever frog along the way? Yes, we know Prince Charming is not real, but at least we can enjoy the ball looking beautiful without being half naked or looking like the ugly stepsisters.
Ah sorry girls, I just had to let it out. I feel one day it might be my daughter going to prom and I just would not want to see my daughter walking showing half her boobs and behind or worst sparkling so much that her date might mistake her for a disko ball. And if I have insulted anyone please don't take it personal, this is my little place to let out. Plus at the end, no matter what, the pictures bad or good will always be good to look at years later to laugh and say, "what the hell was I thinking?" I know for sure I have a lot of those.

Jun 4, 2010

my little island

I will be going to my Quisquella La Bella this weekend for a month. It was planned last minute since the tickets were on sale and my mother wants me to accompany her to help her furnish the apartment she bought a few years ago. I wasn't too much into the trip since I had recently been there and because I had a whole summer planned here in NYC, from going to adventure/water parks, to revisiting a few museums, going boat riding, and having some picnics at the park. I feel last summer flew by and I didn't do many of the things I wanted to. But I have to see the bright side- I'm visiting such a beautiful tropical island, seriously what's wrong with me? And I still have July and August to do all the things I want to do here plus I get to visit my gorgeous little Quisqueya and our breath-taking clean beaches (something we do not have in NYC).

Here is my aunt Lila's adorable house which I will be visiting and taking some new pictures of. Just as cute as the entry is so is the inside. Everything is so antique and charming. Now I can't wait to sit in this warming house with the family having some sweet treats and cool lemonade. 

source for pictures besides my aunts house (which I took myself) you can find here

Jun 3, 2010

I need to learn...

Why am I so selfish at times? Wanting more and more, never satisfied. I really need to learn how to be more content. There are so many people out there who have so little, if anything at all. So many kids who go without food or clothes, so many orphans, so many people dying, so many homeless people. When I have one of those selfish moments where I look at people and think they are doing so much better than I am, I need to remind myself that they also, like me, have their self-centered moments, that they also wish for more. We are all self-absorbed in our own way, one way or another, its in our nature, specially as children, but it is also in our nature to control it. I need to remember to be thankful everyday for everything I have- my beautiful family, my caring friends, and of course the mister ♡ Even better, I just noticed I didn't mention the material stuff I'm thankful for and only concentrated on the wonderful people around me, okay now that's something to be proud of :) I have so so sooo much in every possible way, and I need to remind myself this every single day.
Gracias Dios.