Jun 1, 2011

the perfect bridal shower

Now isn't that just gorgeous? I saw this simple bridal shower that one bridesmaids put together for her bride-to-be bestfriend and it was absolutely beautiful. I just love how easy it can be achieved and that it actually took place in a park. I wish I can find the original picture but this one from h&m is the perfect inspiration picture. To achieve this all you need is:
- a few bright balloons or paper latterns which retail for about $10 for a package of 4 or 5. 
-A few old borrowed colorful blankets, sheets and pillows. 
-A table or two to place snacks/drinks on (preferably cupcakes yum!)
-A tablecloth or two to achieve a more "whimsical" look
Now ask all your friends to bring in drinks/snacks/cups/plates/napkins/ice
And ta-da your all done, and this pretty look is all achieved with less than $50 dollars! Now um all I need is for one of my friends to get engaged as soon as possible so I can do all this :) I can't wait to be on the other end being a bridesmaids!


  1. So sweet! I hope your wedding planning is coming along nicely and that you're enjoying every moment!

  2. I really like this idea.

    I've always been a fan of outdoor picnics at a nice park or outdoor eating on a warm day.

    I really enjoy 'girly' events with my girlfriends.

  3. this is gorgeous. It reminds me of all those old jane austen era films where they go out and have these amazing picnics with pillows, and lovely furniture- and then they have servants to all pack it back up afterwards ha. xo

  4. Oh my precious. I love planning weddings/wedding related events! This is so pretty. Have you ever been to the wedding site "once wed" ? Seriously look it up! Talk about beautiful weddings and inspiration...whew! You'll just die over it!

  5. I am loving paper lanterns. I think i may need to get some for me room!

  6. This really is cute. My friend's sister had a similar thing for her hen party. It was lovely.

  7. Thanks for your comment about my engagement shoot! I love hearing about your wedding, too, so please keep us all up to date on your plans :)