Feb 17, 2011

this is my past

When I was little I thought that when I turned into an adult I would have all the answers. I would know exactly what to do, how to act, and finally be like my mother. But the more I grew, the more I kept waiting for the day I would know everything. Until I finally realized you will never know all the answers, exactly what to do, and how to act. We do as much as we can and as best as we can and thats all. Because life only gets harder every second, and when you think you have everything under control something else comes along. I have realized you never turn into an adult, the world and everything around you turns you into one.

My own photograph from my 1st birthday album.

Feb 15, 2011

letters from far

I wish you were happy, wherever you are.
 I wish I could share my happiness with you, 
I wish you still knew what it is to be in love.
My dear friend, you have forgotten your heart too far away

Photograph from an_pena

Feb 14, 2011

I'm engaged and dateless

Yes, you read the title right- I am engaged yet I am dateless for Valentines. I was not going to post anything for our fabled Valentine's Day but Eliza's heart-pouring post inspired me, for I see now I was not the only one.

You see, I thought somehow, regardless of my countless unsuccessful Valentines days in the past, or lets rephrase that, countless dateless Valentines days, I thought this one would be different. You see, in my past relationships I always managed to break up or be single during special occasions. I was not only afraid of commitment but I felt I never had the "right" guy to spend holidays or special occasions with. Now that I am engaged, with a wonderful man I thought I would finally have the Valentines I have always read about. Last year didn't go so well,  I was under the weather and we decided to stay in. And now, well now... nothing happened. And everything that did happen, did not go so well. And what makes everything less comforting is when I read the countless of "Best Valentines Ever" status on Facebook and stories on blogger. But regardless of it all, I am still in love, I'm healthy and I'm happy. My mister is at work, and we have many years to come to aim for that "perfect valentines," and if not we got the rest of the days of the year ^_^
Hope you all did have an unforgettable Valentines and nothing like mines XX

Feb 10, 2011

Elle Fanning in Somewhere

Elle Fanning in Sofia Coppolla's Somewhere
I'm not sure what to say about the movie "Somewhere," maybe I was expecting more? However, expectations aside, I was struck by little Elle's beauty. How pretty is this girl? And she's only 12 years old? She looks like a born model for sure. Such delicate, innocente feautures went perfectly with Sofia's soft dreamy visions and airy scenes. The movie sure had some beautiful scenary specially with the feeling that the movie was filmed before the 90's, with that grainy film that obviously movies now days don't have. 
Now remind me why couldn't Sofia Coppola helped in the making of My Sister's Keeper? Remember this?
All images from Sofia Coppola's Somewhere google images

Feb 5, 2011

chocolate is a girl's best friend

but give me candy apples anyday. I swear I must love candy apples more than any other sweet out there, and yes including chocolate. I do love chocolate but I actually prefer the bittersweet taste of real dark chocolate, hence I love the contrast of the sour taste of green apples and the hard candy coating. It is just the perfect combination of the healthy fruit against the sugary sweet layer. When you take that first bite of that sweet and sour chump its like the juices activate all of your taste buds. Theres nothing better, not even chocolate.
Can you resist the temptation? Just careful not to get those juicy drips all over your new clothes ;d

Feb 4, 2011

pretty laces and little details

Isn't that just a lovely picture? I was captivated by the sepia feel to the picture but also to her little lace dress. Lace adds such a feminine touch to clothes. What caught my attention the most was that I have a similiar dress with hints of black little details. Don't you just hate when you find a pretty photograph and fall in love with something in it but then have no way of finding out where the clothes is from? Tumblr and Weheartit are such beautiful inspirational sites for photographs however copyrights are mostly lost in these sites, truly sad. Anywhos, if you are interested in the dress above you might also like a similar dress by Dahlia from Modcloth.com:
In Yo' Lace Dress
I bought this dress in the summer and everytime I wore it receive so many compliments.
Another alternative is from Asos.com, it is pretty much the same dress by the same Dahlia designer but with some little twists, click here to see it.

Feb 3, 2011

ballet shoes on her wedding list

So I think so far I am right on schedule. According to sources at this rate I should be doing my list of guests and choosing my colors. Well I may not have my colors down but I already have many little details figured out. The one thing stressing me out a bit is when I think ahead and wonder how I will be able to do everything just as I want from so far away. Destination weddings I believe are the hardest, unless youre choosing a resort that will do everything for you. I have so many ideas I wish I can just blog it all out at once. So sorry in advance if my little blog turns into a wedding inspiration blog for the rest of the year. For now let me get right back on my hunt for little brass vintage keys ;)