Nov 16, 2010

bittersweet polaroids

So I just found out polaroids are in instinct? When did this all happened? Where was I? So here I am cleaning my room when I see my old Polaroid instant camera and I'm thinking "omg maybe I should take these to Quisqueya when I go over this christmas, it will be great to have those cute instant grainy pictures for memories." I love polaroids, they are just so nostalgic and soft, and vintage and just so darn beautiful. So of course I go online and start searching for some film when I see these crazy prices of $200 dollars for ten paper films?! I'm like, "have these stores gone insane." Of course it was just a matter of minutes when I noticed Polaroid had announced it would stop making cameras and film in 2008 or something. Anywhos, I got a little too sad :/ I just couldn't believe it. However, they supposely came back a little while ago with the new Polaroid 300 which is exactly the same as the Fujifilm instanx mini (since they had sold their rights to Fujifilm). But these cameras are not exactly like the originals, the film is quite small, think credit-card size, and not as "squared" as our beloved old ones :/. Nevertheless, it gives all of us Polaroid-lovers hope that the Polaroid is still here and may even get better -hmm maybe one day they'll make smaller/slicker cameras that won't affect the size of the original polaroids? I sure hope so.

Polaroid tranfers source SheHitPause


  1. google "the impossible project" - they're starting to make polaroid film again there :)

  2. I love instant photos. I have a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera. It's my novelty camera which I use on a rare occassion to capture photos.

    I agree the quality of the photos aren't as good as Polaroid's, but Fujifilm's instax mini is a super cute camera to have.

    Polaroid has recently started selling instant cameras again. I've seen a few online and in stores nowadays.

  3. aww man. i have a few Polaroid camers myself :/

  4. thanks Laura, I will do :)

    Amy really? I thought they were cute too. I'm actually considering getting one.

    ilsteviewonder I'm glad I wasn't the only one hahaha :P

  5. I really want to get a fuji instax, even though they're not the same as a polaroid, I quite like the rectangular shape and the instax mini 25 camera looks adorable!