Feb 14, 2011

I'm engaged and dateless

Yes, you read the title right- I am engaged yet I am dateless for Valentines. I was not going to post anything for our fabled Valentine's Day but Eliza's heart-pouring post inspired me, for I see now I was not the only one.

You see, I thought somehow, regardless of my countless unsuccessful Valentines days in the past, or lets rephrase that, countless dateless Valentines days, I thought this one would be different. You see, in my past relationships I always managed to break up or be single during special occasions. I was not only afraid of commitment but I felt I never had the "right" guy to spend holidays or special occasions with. Now that I am engaged, with a wonderful man I thought I would finally have the Valentines I have always read about. Last year didn't go so well,  I was under the weather and we decided to stay in. And now, well now... nothing happened. And everything that did happen, did not go so well. And what makes everything less comforting is when I read the countless of "Best Valentines Ever" status on Facebook and stories on blogger. But regardless of it all, I am still in love, I'm healthy and I'm happy. My mister is at work, and we have many years to come to aim for that "perfect valentines," and if not we got the rest of the days of the year ^_^
Hope you all did have an unforgettable Valentines and nothing like mines XX


  1. In the past I've had good and bad Valentine's Day.

    Though your 2011 Valentine's Day may not have worked out but at least you'll have many more days, weeks, months and years to spend with him.

    Since settling down with my current boyfriend, I've slowly learnt in recent years that it's best that I don't expect big things to happen especially on major days like Valentine's Day, anniversary day etc...

    By the way, I love your new blog format and the banner! =)

  2. My fiance was off on a business trip this year, so it was me and the dogs last night after having to work late.

    The funny thing is, I drove past the romantic restaurant by our house where we had our first date and then celebrated our first Valentine's together last year, and it was full of cute couples dressed up for a special evening. And for some reason, even though I was headed home to a date with my couch and Gossip Girl, I was incredibly happy knowing that maybe one of them felt even a smidge as happy and loved as I do!


  3. Thanks Amy :)

    @Prippy omg thats so lovely thanks for sharing xx

  4. Just know you're not alone!!

    And thanks for the link back :)

  5. no problem whatsoever hun, it was yours that inspired my honesty for this one ;)