Jan 28, 2011

I have a little white secret...

that I need to tell you all- 
and it may be a bit old, and a bit new, and maybe its borrow and maybe its a bit blue
but its all taking place February 14,
Thank you TG for the enchanting news :)
Head on over to BHLDN to find out all about it specially you all brides-to-be 
and even those of you still waiting for Prince Charming ;)

Jan 26, 2011

winter wonderland

So many things to do and so little time. I thought I was only planning a wedding, but I am also dealing with getting a new place, getting a new job, making sure it has good health insurance, reserving a date at church, making sure the date fits around everyone's schedule, and the worst thing is trying to settle all these things from winterland new york city -_- ugh! I truly do not like winter. I wish winter would only last one month- the month of December- covered in snow and tinkle lights and then spring would enter before you know it. But I do have to admit, I'm happy. So many good things in my life and around everyone that I love. My oldest sister had her second child not too long ago, and now my middle sister is pregnant. Both are happily married and now with beautiful families. I do believe in Karma, do good and you will only get good things. Treat others good, wish good upon others. Trust me, you will be a happier person if you wish everyone around you to be as well. One of the best things in life if having everyone you love be happy with you. So I may be stuck in winter, but it is a winter wonderland ^_^
First pic source from sssseahorse
Second pic source from weheartit

Jan 24, 2011

letters too far

Fragments of you are still with me. Tiny little needles swimming through my skin. Digging themselves into me. My body rejects every single one, every lie and even every smile that came from you. My skin is tougher, dry, shredding away layers of your words, your eyes. Nothing is sweeter now than the hollow air, keeping you away, keeping me away. You mail me your stories attempting to grasp me- but there is nothing to reach, every single letter unread down my garbage can along with all your other tales. It no longer distresses me, your words come with the wind, touch my cheek and make their way back to you, back to nothing, emptiness. I am at ease. I am happy. And the only thing that may worry me a bit is that I am even happier knowing I have scraped you off my heart, far. Stay far for even when you are near you will now remain a stranger, someone I never knew, a stone in my shoe that is no longer there. A cold shiver that will scurry along back with the wind, far off. And I like it there- far.

Jan 8, 2011

Buba's baptism and a little surprise

So It's a New Year. And I know- I've been MIA since Christmas. As most of you know I went to my little Island to celebrate the holidays and the baptism of my sister's baby boy. The house was full with  all ten of us so I hardly had time to go online with such a full house. It was truly one of the best christmas I've ever experienced. My family is the best. And for some reason, everytime I came into blogger I just skipped and read through some blogs but never felt like blogging myself. I felt that I could not capture into pictures and words the happiness I was experiencing. However, something happened after the holidays that I must share.
As you guys know from two posts ago I was the Godmother at Rafael's Baptism (my sister's baby). During the ceremony, and many dancing, and laughs, and pictures, my sister announced she had a surprise for the godparents. I was completely confused, I'm thinking, "since when do Godparents get surprises?" Nevertheless, the godfather and I stand up and walk to the center of the dancing stage as guided by my brother-in-law who closes both our eyes with his hands and makes us face the wall. After a few seconds I hear everyone clapping and some people shouting and when we turn around I see the mister on his knees holding up a little box- and yes you guessed it- with a beautiful ring inside.
I am officially engaged