Jun 25, 2011

summer 1964

I don't have anything to write about..but this girl sure does and its always amazing even when she doesn't even try, and her pictures are always a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day. Her blog is just so beautiful and inspiring and I want every single dress she's worn ^_^
Note: title is hers and so is the pretty picture :)

Jun 24, 2011

final decision on flowergirls dresses

-The ballerina style dress with tulle skirt, thin straps, low back, little buttons and big bow at the back. White/ivory dress with pastel color bows and ballerina flats.

*Sorry for these random posts but since my wedding is a destination wedding many of my bridal party lives away and I most post this little random facts for them to be able to see and then email me or call or share their thoughts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts too girls, you are all amazing :)

Jun 20, 2011

inspiration for the flowergirls

-The Ballerina dress style which consists of little thin straps and tulle skirt.
-ivory white dress
-The band/bow of the dress the color of the ballerina flats (ballerina pink, lilac, whitish green?) If not, all white.
-Ankle length 3/4
-hair down with flower wreath (large flowers look best) as first two pictures.

Jun 1, 2011

the perfect bridal shower

Now isn't that just gorgeous? I saw this simple bridal shower that one bridesmaids put together for her bride-to-be bestfriend and it was absolutely beautiful. I just love how easy it can be achieved and that it actually took place in a park. I wish I can find the original picture but this one from h&m is the perfect inspiration picture. To achieve this all you need is:
- a few bright balloons or paper latterns which retail for about $10 for a package of 4 or 5. 
-A few old borrowed colorful blankets, sheets and pillows. 
-A table or two to place snacks/drinks on (preferably cupcakes yum!)
-A tablecloth or two to achieve a more "whimsical" look
Now ask all your friends to bring in drinks/snacks/cups/plates/napkins/ice
And ta-da your all done, and this pretty look is all achieved with less than $50 dollars! Now um all I need is for one of my friends to get engaged as soon as possible so I can do all this :) I can't wait to be on the other end being a bridesmaids!