Jan 28, 2011

I have a little white secret...

that I need to tell you all- 
and it may be a bit old, and a bit new, and maybe its borrow and maybe its a bit blue
but its all taking place February 14,
Thank you TG for the enchanting news :)
Head on over to BHLDN to find out all about it specially you all brides-to-be 
and even those of you still waiting for Prince Charming ;)


  1. My pleasure! So delighted you share my excitement.

  2. Are you for REAL?? I am SO excited! I love wedding dresses!

  3. Do you have an idea of what wedding dress you want?

  4. @Amy Hi Amy! Yes I do. I want an A-line, classic, dress. Specially one with some sort of waist band to emphasize a small waist. I just love the classic/cinderalla look of wedding dresses. I love Vera Wang wedding dresses and Jcrew Wedding dresses so I'm hoping BHLDH would have that sort of enchanting look as well.