Feb 25, 2010

for you before our I do's

They say love hits you in the face as soon as you see it walk in but I believe it doesn't come that fast, on the contrary, love is built, little by little, step by step. It is no sudden feeling, time does not slow down when you see them. Everything is the same, life is the same, yet you want this person in it. Little by little your life starts changing, you switch schedules and plans to fit them in, time with them is all that matters. You don't care if you miss a game, or your favorite show as long as they are right with you. You can spend hours just holding their hand and before you know it one day while you see them smile you think, "I can live the rest of my life with that one smile." No one else matters, nothing else, this is your priority right there and then. It is as if you have place your heart in them, and every breath they take is your happiness. I don't know exactly the moment it happened, but one thing is for sure when I look at you I know that you are the only one for me. This was not coincidence, this was not how it happened, this is how it was written, this was faith, this is what God wanted- you and I. Somehow, somewhere we were meant to meet. From now on, we will become one. My heart is in your hands, my happiness, my life. And I trust that no matter what you and I will always remain. One day, years from now, I will look back and I will smile- At our children, grandchildren and everything around us. Like my grandfather and my grandmother, our life will be a blessing, a tie so bonded that nothing will break it. I know times will get hard, and things will stand in our way, trying to break us apart, because thats what life is all about, it will throw us things to shake up our relationship, but I want to remember this: is always you and I, it will always be you and I. And as long as we love each other, trust each other, respect each other, and have God in our lives everything else will be alright. Can you see us years from now, waking up in each others arms, our kids running in jumping in the bed, having breakfast together, watching movies together, looking at our kids play while you barbecue outside with your friends, going to sleep holding the person you love? I can't wait for the day that I walk down that isle staring at your eyes. Married couples say that day is the day your life begins so now I can't wait for our lives to begin together. Te amo con todo mi ser.

Feb 22, 2010

alice in wonderland

Yes the title says it all. What can I say I may have a little fascination with it. I think or I’m beginning to realize I get these “little obsessions” from time to time. I start loving something so much whether its a video, song, movie or book. I tell people about it, I watch it or read it or play it over and over, until I finally get a bit tired and start with something else, yeah I know what can I say. Anyway, this one of Wonderland started when I was reading this blog (can’t remember) and the blogger mentions her favorite movie being “Alice in Wonderland.” I thought it was a bit odd since she was over 25 years old, and further more it’s not one of those more popular Disney movies say “Cinderella.”  I typed it up on goggle and was surprise to see Disney was remaking it as a movie in 2010. The funny thing is that I may be wrong, but I believe that was back at the end of 2008, and I became so fascinated looking up at what the movie would be that I decided to re-watch the cartoon. I wouldn’t say it became my favorite but I saw it from another angle- how fabled it is with so much illusory images and sayings. I’m not sure the right word to describe it is “whimsical,” but I was just fascinated how Lewis Carroll’s mind worked and how she played with logic and came up with all these dream-like storylines. I was fascinated with her mind. So much fiction and irrationality, I just felt that with everything on going in my life I needed that bit of “fantasy,” and some part of me had forgotten what it was to be a child full of fantasy and dreams. I also watched “Big Fish” again (which was another movie I wasnt a fan of- I’m just not into cartoons, Disney movies or any other movies with too much chimera) and I was surprised to see the “charm” in it. Of course, I went on and bought Carroll’s book “Alice in wonderland” and came out with “The Complete works of Lewis Carroll” (image below) instead, but I’m so glad I found this antique version of the book which I’m absolutely in love with.

Yes it is just as big as it looks if not bigger. Its far bigger than the average book, very thick and heavy so it might be  a bit hard to take along anywhere, but its more of that read-at-home-books, and it’s just too gorgeous (I’m in love with antique books), one to treasure for years and specially for when I one day have a child to pass it on to :)

By the way, Im in love with this picture from Tim Walkers book, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland as well, see the blue dress? ;)

Feb 20, 2010

the best seven minutes in a video

You may disregard the following video, thinking it’s some silly unimportant next video that will just waste your time. But whether you know me or not, trust me, about 80% of the people who have seen this video have thanked me and/or added it to their faves, the rest have loved it beyond words, just like I ;)

Feb 19, 2010


photograph from "The Boy with the Red Balloon"
I have always had a fascination with balloons. They bring me childhood memories filled with birthday parties, games, smiles and laughs. Balloons make a statement. They are bold, bright, colorful, and float up in the air as in “I am here look at me.” Bring a friend presents, chocolates, flowers, and they may go unnoticed by crowds, but bring balloons along tied to a present (if any or even a card) and it will surely stand out. Their transparency, bright or soft pastel colors are truly beautiful. They call out festivities; Balloons say, “your day is worth a celebration.” The best thing about balloons is that you can be so creative with them, they are not only limited to birthdays, but for example- you can also give all pink balloons for friendship day and all red balloons (my faves) for valentines or any other romantic occasion. All white balloons are also used for special ceremonies such as weddings or baptisms. Give me balloons anytime of the year and I’ll be happy- filled with days when magic existed and games were our priority and tickle-fights came as easy as children’s laughs and smiles.

I’m in love with the soft pastels and 70’s inspired theme used in this photograph above. The balloons add the perfect touch.