Feb 5, 2011

chocolate is a girl's best friend

but give me candy apples anyday. I swear I must love candy apples more than any other sweet out there, and yes including chocolate. I do love chocolate but I actually prefer the bittersweet taste of real dark chocolate, hence I love the contrast of the sour taste of green apples and the hard candy coating. It is just the perfect combination of the healthy fruit against the sugary sweet layer. When you take that first bite of that sweet and sour chump its like the juices activate all of your taste buds. Theres nothing better, not even chocolate.
Can you resist the temptation? Just careful not to get those juicy drips all over your new clothes ;d


  1. I recently tried toffee coated strawberries and it tasted so good. I also love strawberries dipped into hot melted milk chocolate.

    I haven't tried toffee apples yet.

  2. AMY! You have insulted me! lol How could you've never had such a piece-of-heaven-for-your-mouth treat?! You need, actually you need to ruN and get one. Drive, walk, run as many miles as you need to to a shop that carries these! :P

  3. and what about toffee apples also dipped into chocolate? ive seen them, and they are the devil. Such a lovely blog, ive had such a nice read through. xo

  4. Omg I've never had those! That sounds like heaven, never even thought about it!

  5. These look so good. I used to eat a lot of them. They always look so beautiful and shiny.You have a great blog!

  6. looks yummy! I want one now ;)


  7. Ive never tried them :(
    sounds goood

    will be glad if you follow or atleast visit my blog