Jun 18, 2010

Lost in Sofia Coppola's beautiful dreamy visions

One of my favorite books is My Sister's Keeper. I absolutely related to the characters and loved the storyline to its very last words. But I was disappointed with the movie, yes it's a cute movie but it wasn't what I was expecting and was simplified too much for my taste. For some reason, when I read it, I felt I was in a Sofia Coppola film (Marie Antoinette, Lost in Translation and the Virgin Suicides) with dreamy scenes and details.  I love Coppola's movies, yes I admit that Marie Antoinette wasn't for me at all, yet it is still quite beautiful to look at, with such ethereal pastel-colored scenes. And the Virgin Suicides? well all I have to say is that I was completed captivated with this movie. It is also a favorite among many people including me of course. Maybe My Sister's Keeper-Coppola-feeling has to do with the book cover as well- the soft colors, pink undertones and delicate young girls. But also the story is more moody and a little more dark (specially the ending) than what the movie projects which Coppola would have done wonders with in my opinion, I mean that has the moody yet airy delicate feeling of The Virgin Suicides written all over it. Even the author admits in her website that the ending "was hard for her to accept" but that it was out of her hands as soon she sold the rights, when hundreds of fans complained.  It is also quite interesting to see that a lot of people who have not read the book love the movie more than those who have actually read the book. Another thing that bothered me was that they changed the girl's ages in the movie and the little fact that the oldest sister Kate was a bit shorter and was mistakenly assumed to be the youngest one which I thought was important. I don't know, I guess it's just me but I love when a movie sticks very closely to details such as in The Virgin Suicides, where it many times felt like you were reading the book when in fact you were watching the movie. 
Oh and an interesting little info: Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning were supposedly set to play the parts, for some reason I think they would've fit a little more closely to what I imagined (and yes Elle is four years younger yet much taller than Dakota as well haha yeah I know I did like the movie don't get me wrong but I wouldve prefer it they sticked closer to the book and if the director of the Notebook had also paired up with Coppola for this one, now thats a dream movie to be huh?)

I'll leave you with another beautiful Sofia Copolla's film to come out soon. "Somewhere" starring Elle Fanning, which I can't wait to see and hopefully I'm not disappointed:


  1. This movie looks like it would be good, and elle fanning is so adorable. I agree with you about marie antoinette-- I love just looking at all the dreamy imagery! It could be on mute, I wouldn't mind...it's just so beautiful.

  2. looks like a good one! great photos!