Jun 11, 2010

dresses, dresses, and prom

I don't know if you have had the chance to browse through some of the pictures of proms going on these days, but I had the unfortunately chance to when a friend's little cousin was tagged on the famous and infamous Facebook and I was dumbstruck. What are girls wearing these days? More and more pictures have been coming up these weeks from different proms and I just could not believe my eyes. You know those dresses that you look at in a store and make fun of telling your friend you are going to buy her that for her birthday in a sarcastic tone? And then your friend will gag at the thought of it. Well yeah imagine a whole prom full of them. Vomit green, orange, yellow brighter than the sun, or just some dress to emphasize their curves, boobs and leaving little for the guy's imagination and raging hormones. These dresses are girls' worst nightmare.
Little short dresses with ruffles and princess cuts and dreamy little details is supposedly what's in, like the picture above. If you want to wear what's in, that's cute, perfect example, not too much going on yet pretty. Yet whats going on? Where are these girls finding the horrific dark-colored dresses for their prom? I do not want to post pictures since I dont want to insult anyone in particular. But whats going on? And if its not a dark color, or showing half what their mama gave them, then its some long dress with so much going on I can't even explain it. Maybe it just happens to be all the prom pictures I've seen. Maybe you went to prom yourself or your sister and you have beautiful pictures to keep, but from my side of the world, I just dont know what has happened. Oh and the dresses with the glitter and all the sparkly stuff, um seriously someone explain whats going on there? Its halloween or club scene out there.
Girls, if its becoming a nightmare looking for the perfect dress why not opt for something just simple yet elegant and classy? And whatever happened to wanting to feel like a princess on you prom? Did teenagers just give up on this? Too much waiting for Prince Charming and rather just wear something revealing enough to catch whatever frog along the way? Yes, we know Prince Charming is not real, but at least we can enjoy the ball looking beautiful without being half naked or looking like the ugly stepsisters.
Ah sorry girls, I just had to let it out. I feel one day it might be my daughter going to prom and I just would not want to see my daughter walking showing half her boobs and behind or worst sparkling so much that her date might mistake her for a disko ball. And if I have insulted anyone please don't take it personal, this is my little place to let out. Plus at the end, no matter what, the pictures bad or good will always be good to look at years later to laugh and say, "what the hell was I thinking?" I know for sure I have a lot of those.


  1. Girlfriend, I feel exactly the same!!!

    Ok, so my senior prom was 4 years ago, and I LOVED my prom dress...still do...it was a vintage inspired, classy gown. And I remember most girls having elegant gowns that were beautiful and sweet. So...what the hell happened in these past couple years?? My sister went to prom last year, and her dress was sweet, but I saw pictures of the other girls and couldn't believe my eyes...I thought to myself, "Why are all these so short? Why are they so ruffly?" Why are they so tacky?? Did I already ask why they are SO short?"

    I don't get it. I mean, it's their choice, it's their prom, and maybe it's just me being old fashioned. But seriously. I understand what you mean completely.

  2. YES EXACTLY THANK YOU! Tackyyy now that's the perfect word to describe it. And my high school prom was very pretty too, as a matter of fact I saw the pictures not to long ago again and most were very pretty classic, slick, gowns. And about a year ago it was my neighbor's prom and it was full of short dresses, yet they were decent and very pretty (think Betsey Johnson), they looked like they were going to prom not a club downtown. I really don't understand what's been happening this year :/

  3. I went to senior prom just recently you can find the post I did on my prom dress if you go on my blog to older posts. I hope you like it? I thought it was okay? well and I agree about everyones dress being tacky,or showing everything or either everyone has the same style dress just in a different color.

  4. OH MY GOSH SO TRUE! What ever happened to being a pretty, feminine girl. Its possible to look beautiful and a little bit sexy without letting the girls hang out for the world to see. Id hope my daughter one day will opt for a cute vintage dress. Not a shiny rhinestone monstrosity!

    Love the Post and your blog


  5. @ ilsteviewonder See now thats a cute short dress, and its white, I love white. And your friends dress is very pretty too. No the dresses I've seen are nothing like these. I think maybe it was a New York Upper West side thing, because the proms I've seen are mostly from H.S. around there.

    @Ruthie Thank you hun *goes and checks out your blog*

  6. hmmm when in doubt, i always stick to floaty basics :)
    great blog :D
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  7. I agree! I'm a teenager, but nowadays people are so tacky and they don't seem to have much taste. However, there are always exceptions.

    I wish that people could realise that showing less, is more. And that you don't have to show skin in order to be attractive.

    Just look at Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. They're so beautiful, and classy and elegant.

    But I know that if I ever become a mother, I will definitely teach my daughter how to be a lady.

    Great post by the way!