Jul 5, 2010

I miss sleepovers...

I remember since I was little I would have sleepovers. Over the years, I changed bestfriends (It was always my choice though thats another story obviously some sort of issues there) and each one got to sleep over at my place. I tried once a sleepover with a few friends but it didn't turn out very good-  girls fighting, girls not talking to each other the next day, and so I always preferred to have one and one nights to talk, play, and listen to music, OH and of course record ourselves singing through the fan or a.c. :) Oh come one, you know you did it too ;P I think my last sleepover was at my bestfriend's house when I was in college (although there was no singing this time lol). We are a little too old for sleepovers, a few are graduating from college, some are married, and most have kids. I don't know but some part me misses this, these close bonds you create with your friends that over the years fade. Life gets in the way and we get too busy and lost in our own worlds


  1. I miss them too! My best-friend live's over seas and we always kick by husband out for the night when she's home so we can have a sleepover with movie's and junk food and talk all night.
    Beautiful pictures........xxx

  2. aw sleepovers are the greatest! I don't think i'll ever outgrow them.My favorite part has to be either the fort making, or the random banter that goes on before finally succumbing to sleep!
    so cute xxx

  3. i miss them too!!! my bestfriends for about 8 years are so far away from me now. when i migrated here in canada, i miss those times when we would go out friday night, went home to her place and just sleepover til saturday! :D major bonding session!

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  4. sleepovers are great fun!

    you're right though. most of my childhood friends,they all fade away.


  5. @Ruthie You know you are right, no matter what we should all be doing that hahaha

    @Casie OMG YES how can I forget the tents with the sheets! <3

  6. i still seem to be having sleepovers, i like staying up late and sharing secrets while trying not to fall asleep.