Jul 12, 2010

pretty dark lips

This look is just so elegant and pretty. I have never been able to pull of dark lips and eyes, actually I've never been able to pull of lipstick alone, but she makes it look so pretty I want to try wearing lipstick. I usually just do some smoky eyes and wear some lip balm. Furthermore, I hardly wear my hair up, but I'm promising myself next time I go out downtown in the city I will try this look. 


  1. do try it! I always wanted dark dark red lips last winter, and now all I long for us like a coral/orangy red...i think lipstick just makes me feel like I'm getting to play dress up! (which I love love)

  2. oh yes! thats how I feel too, but its because I look so young :/

  3. i love love love love love love love love your blog!
    the Shakespeare quote at the end is lovely <3


  4. oh thanks hun! I checked out yours and love it too and like I said we almost have the same name to our blogs - great minds think alike ;) hahaha

  5. I've always wanted to try out red lips... but totally failed at it EVERY TIME I've tried it at sephora... even the salespeople haven't helped me find the perfect shade. *sighs*


  6. ;) im sure you could pull it off! sorry i havent been commenting your blog for a while. it was one of my favourites when i ran the little known lovelies comp. :) :) :) you make me smile.


  7. @Diya Oh tell me about it, I've tried it so many times at Sephora and its been a fail for me too :/

    @Erimentha Wow you're so sweet! You don't have to be sorry! Its an honor having you read my blog even if once in a while :)