Jul 25, 2010

birthday girl

from left to right: Arianny, me, and Estefania
I've had one of the most amazing birthdays ever, and I do not want to forget a single moment.  During the week, the mister took me boat-riding at Central park, so very sweet and romantic specially since he did all the rowing ;P. On thursday, he took me on the Circle Line 3-hour cruise (I know, I know, I live in New York City but believe it or not I had never done it and was dying to), it was both exciting and romantic :). On friday the 23rd (my official born day), we went to Six Flags with some friends, I was already beginning to feel the pain on my legs and feet, but it was soo much fun of course- we went on about every roller coaster ride. And lastly on saturday, a friend had an all-girls-bohemian-white-style get-together for my birthday celebration. I had not had so much fun and laughs in a while now. It was the perfect week, and couldn't have asked for more ^_^


  1. Happy Birthday!! sounds like an amazing week! glad to see you got spoilt rotten, you deserve it! :) xx