Jul 28, 2010

sweet sugar lips

When I was sixteen I always had candy with me. When my boyfriend would kiss me, he would smirk at me and say "your lips taste so sweet." My boyfriend back then was a guy named Christopher, a twenty-years-old college drop-out, who rode a motorcycle, and who every girl in his neighborhood was after. He was the first boy that made me run to the phone when it would ring and the first boy that would make me blush pink when he would pick me up after school. However, he was constantly smoking cigarettes and cigars. Yes, he was the definition of a "bad boy" with his flat stomach and tattoos all over his arms and chest.  His smoking led me to the conclusion that "a girl should always carry candy in her bag," you understand why I wanted some sweetness when I kissed him. I grew to love the taste of sweet and sour. I hardly eat candy anymore, the mister (Will) does not smoke and have never smoked in his life, and I have learned better than to be sucking on extra sugar. However, the other day, the mister was having some sour wine with his meal while I was having dessert. He leaned in to kiss me and I got that sweet and sour taste all over again :d, and it made all these memories flash upon me. There is no better taste like it- made me want to carry some candy in my bag all over again ^_^

photography by Meg Kroeker


  1. i almost always have gum in my bag. It's sort of addicting and really really hard to break the habit. not sure whether this is a positive or negative!

  2. aw, thats sweet. I love it when feelings rush back to me.

  3. haha Kayla I think its good only if its some sort of good-for-your-teeth gum, like trydent (well, I suppose).

  4. such a cute post! It's strange who the funniest things bring back the strongest memories.