Jul 7, 2010

zsa zsa zsu

Doesn't this picture make you want to pull all your hair up in a bun and cut your bangs? I don't know about you but I find it just so cute that it makes me want to cut my bangs again even when I know it will only be a few hours after I regret it. Bangs are such a hassle, always getting in my eyes, I have to wash them about every other day or otherwise they look untidy and unclean :/  Oh yes and not to mention, the mister is not a big fan of them. He made me grow them out because he says he likes to see my beautiful face, how could you say no to that? He's the only one that has made me feel all Zsa Zsa Zsu 
And yes ladies and gentleman (if there are any guys out there that actually read my blog), I dare inform you that Zsa Zsa Zsu as described by Carrie (Sex and the City) as the "feeling you get when you meet someone you really really like, that sort of lovey, butterflies feeling when you just want to be with someone" has actually been added to the Urban Dictionary ;)


  1. This is the exact hair dilemma that I'm contemplating! I am growing out my bangs for the summer and am dying to cut them but this heat in NYC is killing me! Thank goodness that I don't have bangs right now or else they'd be permanently stuck to my forehead. Love the picture that you chose. I will be sporting that come fall ; )

  2. I actually have bangs. I get a lot of complements on them. I guess it depends on your face shape...I normally look very serious and maybe a little sad, the bangs lighten my look altogether.
    That picture is adorable.

  3. I always love how cute they are, but then they get a bit longer and I never know what to do! Definitely a cute picture though, and I love the sex and the city reference!

  4. @Helen and Andie Yes bangs for me are like a hate&love relationship, I love them yet when they growing I just want them to disappear haha, and other times I want to cut them again yet I know its more work for me :/

    @ Indie.Tea Oh yes I get a lot of compliments when I have them, and I tend to look younger and just prettier. Idk I just think bangs are so girly and cute.