Jul 17, 2010

"swear i was born right in the doorway. i went out in the rain, suddenly everything changed. they're spreadin' blankets on the beach"

Can you say TALENT?
Sita Marie's photographs are absolutely beautiful, like Eva Luna X said "when I look at her photostream it's like I'm entering another magical world where I want to curl up and live forever; where pretty girls wear summery dresses and cast shadows in the forest, dance in the pouring rain and exchange secrets with their goldfish after a long day at the beach." I could not describe it better than her. And believe it or not Sita Marie is only 12 years old. Yes, you read right, nope, its not 12 years doing this, but only 12 years old in this little old planet earth. Is it a gift or talent? I don't know but I was truly impressed with her pictures as it is, and when finding out she was only 12, well then I was just speechless. Check out all  of her breathtaking sets here.

quote on title of this post is from "Bright Eyes- First Day of my Life" that Sita Marie had posted under one of her photographs


  1. WOW such gorgeous images
    loving the blog
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. they are beauitful indeed!
    these people are so lucky,i think they're gifted!


  3. what a talented little girl Sita Marie is!!! I love your blog Zaira, you're such a creative lady! xx

  4. thanks lulu :) and yes truly talented girl that Sita

  5. these are so, so wonderful! thank you so much for sharing xox