Apr 17, 2011

now and then

Today I had a reunion with my best friends from Junior High. Can you imagine? Its been more than 15 years! It's such a sweet but strange feeling at the same time looking at these faces you haven't seen in such a while. Two of them, went to high school with me, so we definitely have a long history, however even High School was still a long time ago. I wish I had pictures of us back then from when our teacher would call us "high noses" which basically means stuck-ups. We weren't, I assure you. Its just in his opinion our little group, the four of us, always had the "stylish clothes on and we would walk like we own the place and let no one else in our little group." He was so funny, because this was not the case. We were just pretty close and that was it. Come on, we were only eleven and twelve years old after all. 
The film "Now and Then" always reminded me of us, except it was different times. We grew up in the 90's in New York City. But one thing is the same, their bond and how simple and care-free life was back then. Ahhh to be so young again! And if you have never watched "Now and Then" then you and I do not speak the same language missy.


  1. That is one of my favourite films of all time. It's great that you're still friends with your school friends. I love that I am still best friends with the girls I was friends with back when I was 10 years old :)

  2. I recently re-kindled my friendship with my best friend, which we stopped seeing each other for over a year. It's amazing that regardless of any challenges, we're still managed to become good friends.

    Friends come and go. I have friends I talk to often and hang out. But I have a small number best friends who I would consider as my true friends, which I am very grateful for.

  3. I love that movie
    it's nice when they are based on truths

  4. Being around the friends who "knew you when" brings out the truest form of yourself, in my opinion.

    I'm incredibly grateful to have some of my childhood friends very close in my life. They know me to well... making it so easy to hide nothing, and share everything.

    So happy you all reconnected!

  5. I recently watched Now & Then again. It's a cute movie. It does capture that bond you have with the people you grew up with even when your lives go separate paths it's nice to be reunited by the memories and experiences of childhood and just being a teenager. :)

  6. One of my favorite movies of all time.