Apr 18, 2011

featuring my lovely home...

Isn't just lovely? My room is the one on the top right with the tiny balcony. This is where I do most of my blogging from. I love opening my doors and letting the fresh air run through my hair as I just sit down and write. Most of the time though you will catch me spread over a blanket in the front yard reading a book while the mister visits and drinks some cold lemonade and enjoys the view. Want to see pictures from the inside? Well I don't have any, because well fine you got me- This is not my home :( Can't a girl dream?! :) haha
This is actually the Thorngrove Castle in Australia. Found via SunSurfer. You can stay in this heavenly place for about $700 a night and you can actually view the inside and everything else on their website here. I'll just stay here for a while dreaming of my home *coughs*  yes thats right let me keep on dreaming :)


  1. hahaha, i loved this. i thought you were so lucky and i was so jealous if this was your actual house. :) how have you been zaira? i havent talked to you through comments in a while! :) xxx

  2. Beautiful house.

    My favourite houses are the old fashion regal English-French style houses.

    I look forward to the day I have a house of my own, where I can decrorate the interior to my liking.

  3. @Erimenta Hey girly! I've been good thanks :)

    @Amy- I hope you read it all and realized its not my house right? hahaha ;) :P

  4. can't wait to see more...heading to check it out!!

  5. who wouldn't dream about going there?
    That is such a strange coincidence about the January September thing, how funny! I am planning on writing more soon though, I'll let you know when it's posted x.x.x
    Casie Jean
    P.S Your Wedding is sooooooon gahhh xx.