Apr 10, 2011

my bohemian style is loosing its roots...

Finding a dress is really not that hard at all, specially in New York City. But finding thee* dress is a completely different story. My first thought was to rent it. Yeah, I know it may sound strange. But in the island where I was born and where I will be getting married it is actually pretty common thing to do. Don't get me wrong, in this little island people will waste thousands and thousands of dollars at every single detail of the wedding yet the dress is the most inexpensive thing since it is most likely rented. It makes sense after all, its only a dress that you are going to wear once, and most probably by the time your daughter gets married she will want something new and in style. So this was not a big deal to me, I went to D.R expecting to rent a dress. However it was not that easy. I don't consider myself picky, if anything I just wanted a simple dress. But this was not the case. After browsing a few stores I found nothing. And the dress I did like, was pretty simple for the type of wedding we will be having. I liked it, and I would have been fine with it. It looks pretty much like the dress in the picture, except it is a bit teeny weeny more elegant. Its has more layers of the soft organza material making it more flowy. It feels like walking on clouds. And it also has many little details at the waist. However, my mother and my aunt where not pleased. I have noticed in Quisqueya, wedding dresses tend to be very elegant (yes even rented ones), so my dress compared to the wedding would look a bit too common. I know I'm the one who has to like the dress. However, I was not in love with the dress. It was just the best I can find, and when I saw my mother's face I knew it was not the one, even after she said "it is very pretty, beautiful actually however I'm not sure its the one." Now I am here back in New York City, the city of fashion, where yes there are countless of dresses, but finding one can be so much harder. I feel sometimes my wedding is taking a completely different style from what I originally wanted. My style is very bohomian with a bit of a chic-modern twist to it, however this wedding is becoming very elegant, chic and modern and I just hope I find ways to incorporate a bit of that boho-chic into it :/

Isn't this Los Angeles wedding picture just beautiful? The behemian style of the bride just made it so dreamy. View the rest of it at StyleMePretty
both images from the same wedding at StyleMePretty


  1. Good luck finding a dress! I can imagine it is one of those things you do want to be perfect. I know of lots of people who've rented as well rather than pay loads just to wear it one day! x

  2. I love that dress.

    I already know the style of dress I want on my wedding day. I prefer to buy my own dress because I want to be able to keep it and cherish it forever. I want to be able to look back and see that dress I once wore. Also I want to be able to show my wedding dress to my future children (if I do have children).

    I think the important thing is that you are happy with the dress you choose, whether it be bought, custom made or rented. It's important that you feel beautiful and confident in the dress you choose.

  3. Oh, I hope everything works out. In the end, you'll be beautiful, and you'll be marrying the guy of your dreams. So, that sounds pretty good to me. :)

  4. Thanks girls! And I did find it :DDD! I'm so happy, I just love my dress.