Apr 16, 2011

braids and nose-kisses

Isn't this braid hairstyle just beautiful? I'm just not sure its wearable at all, or even possible to make unless you have extremely long hair. Nevertheless its pretty amazing huh?

And check out this gorgoeus laid-back wedding, seriously you just have to! At OnceWed.com
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  1. I love braids. I think they add a romantic and feminine touch to one's look.

    Last month, I actually wanted a braid to complete my bridesmaid look. But my best friend/bride wasn't fond of the idea so I had to go with another look inside.

    My friend and I have different tastes when it comes to fashion, wedding related matters and other things.

  2. Oh I know how you feel. I love braids, just the whole bohemian, femine feel of it. One of my bridesmaids its very different from me. So I'm the one that wanted to incorporate braids somehow into the hairstyle but shes not liking it. So I let go of it. I want my bridesmaids to feel comfortable with a hairstyle they like, not only what I like