Apr 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Bridesmaids

Eliza Lopes waving to the cameras
Okay okay, I know, Catherine Middleton looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress. But I'm not going to post on that, not only because thousands of others blogs have so and theres no reason on me to repeat history, but because seriously someone had to do a post of these tiny little beauties. Come on, look at that face! Apart from maybe being a bit overtired, how adorable did these little girls look waving to the public? Ah that face! Eliza Lopes (who by the way can be one of Angelina's and Brad Pitt's daughter just saying) along with all the other bridesmaids looked absolutely adorable. I thought it was so sweet for Prince William and Katherine Middletown (or should I now say Princess Katherine?) to choose all her bridesmaids to be young girls. I myself, will not only be having one flowergirl but three, and if it was up to me I wanted even more, however there are no other age-appropriate girls that I know :(. Did you, or would you like to have children take part of your wedding party?


  1. So adorable~ I'm glad you did a post on this instead of the ever-present Kate post (not that she wasn't lovely!).