Aug 13, 2010

the perfect summer dress


So I was reading Annabel's gorgeous blog when I came upon these pictures and felt a familiarity to her lovely flowy dress. I recently got a dress very similar to this one from one of my favorite stores Zara's.  As I keep on reading I see that she also got her dress from -yes you guessed it- Zara's. As she mentions in her blog, Zara always comes out with different versions of this dress every year. This year's version is quite as lovely and delicate except it has hardly existent- sleeves. The details of this dress are so beautiful it has to be seen in person to understand how gorgeous they are. I know its a bit silly, but I'm so in love with Blushing Ambition that when I realized we have the same dress I couldn't help being a tiny bit too excited, silly huh? Well no wonder I'm so in love with Annabel's blog, we have similar styles ;) (ha ha yeah I know I WISH!)

On other news, months ago, I was in the hunt for a cute little white dress I can wear for a baptism and thanks to Keiko Lynn I bought the In Yo' Lace Dress. It was love at first sight. See the details of the dress on the back with the cute little black buttons? Adorable huh?! By the way, I am shorter than her so it fits me just a few inches before the knee so its perfect for the church. This dress I actually bought after reading Keiko's blog, unlike the Zara one. I bought it about a month ago, however if I had not bought it before Zara's dress I probably would have worn the Zara one. Nevertheless, this seems more appropriate since the sleeves are actually longer than the Zara's version I have.
I know, I love white dresses a little too much. But they are just so soft, delicate and feminine. If you haven't check out these girl's blogs, make sure you do, I'm in love with both and I know you probably will too ^_^


  1. You've got such an adorable taste in clothes!
    Those dresses look so flowy and carefree; yet, utterly delicate and feminine! They're gorgeous!

    Your blog's still as lovely as ever \(O 3 O)/

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  2. its so pretty! its so hard to find stores that sells this type of clothes.


  3. @ Nabila- Yeah I know its so hard. I was so glad when I found their stock is adorable!

    @ The October Issue- Si verdad? Me encantan :)

  4. how adorable! i love it!

    ~ XOXO :)

  5. I love white summer dresses so so much. They're so effortlessly beautiful!!

  6. All of these dresses are so, so lovely. I want every one!

  7. I love both dresses. I think Keiko Lynn's might be my favorite (for now!) because it has such a cute, black bow in the back. As well as those buttons! Too adorable!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,