May 28, 2010


Time will pass. Phrase so often used. Time will heal the pain.
Yet air breathe through battered lungs, soiled oxygen that surrounds us every second drying my skin more and more, Consenting myself to have these polluted airs infiltrate my body and mind deadening me inside and out,
Time has passed, yet the soreness has remain, your soft eyes, watching me remain somewhere in the distant of this arctic world with impure minds breathing in more and more the fabrication of what was once truth, and yet time will pass...
I breathe and I bleed, and when I close my eyes all I see is your face

June 12, 2007 by yours truly
note: I had written this a while ago when I was going through some tough situations. I just felt like reminding myself how good I have it now. It seems like this piece was written centuries ago by whoever I was before. I still love how well I described exactly what I felt. Sometimes our most difficult situations bring out the best written pieces. 

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  1. i love this alot! <3
    Writing heals the heart.

    your blog is lovely,very calming.