May 27, 2010

the cutest kitchen ever

ok so maybe not ever, but its still the cutest I've seen so far :). I just love cooking. I love chopping up peppers and onions, all the colors, ingredients, and flavors. It feels so good when I prepare a big meal for friends and family and they empty their whole plates and ask for more. That's why a lovely little kitchen of my own is a dream I'm still waiting for...

Unfortunately I do not have the source of these pictures, these where saved on my folder :/
Update: found these are from the homes of diana and lisel of the jewels of new york
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OMG how exciting is it to find out this is actually right next door to me? I would've thought this was somewhere far maybe Savannah, Georgia but never would've imagine it was my next door neighbor brooklyn, n.y (ahh New york I love you!) Check out the rest of their home, just plain beautiful