May 3, 2010

summer picnics

Finally it feels like summer here in New York, and with 90 degree weather two days ago, well spring is certainly feeling more like summer. I have been waiting for these hot summer days since Christmas. I'm just not a fan of winter. I hate wearing all these layers of clothes and much rather slip a little dress, some sandals and be out the door. Ahh I cannot wait to have some picnics with the girls. I went to a barbecue with the boyfriend and some of his friends this past weekend, but now I just can't wait to have a lovely picnic with my girlfriends and catch on some girl-talk. 


  1. oh my god, what a lovely picture!

    I live in australia, and we're just about to have winter. I love winter though! Summer has cute fashion but I hate being hot.

    sounds like you had a lovely weekend (and another to come!)

    I reeeally reaally like your blog x) Especially the layout- did you make it/ where on earth did you get it/ maybe you just edited the basic layout? it's lovely.

    xx scarzz
    ps. I want to follow you via blogger but you've hidden the link!

  2. on another note, I just found it. haha.
    xx scarzz

  3. thanks hun, and yeah I just edited the basic layout.
    Australia looks beautiful, its on my "Places to Visit" list :)