Nov 8, 2010

I am in love....

Yes, I am. Isn't that just the cutest dress ever?! Okay, I'll probably change my mind in a month or so when I fall in love with something else. However, my month's obsession is this little white dress.  This little dress was a bit famous this summer- You were able to shop for it at for $90 or a little less at Urban Outfitters, Karmaloop, Shopbob, ShopNastygal, Revolveclothing and even Lulus

I know summer is long gone however I will be going to my tropical little island for December so thats enough of an excuse right? :)


  1. That is a gorgeous Spring/Summer dress. It's a perfect white dress to wear alone, with no accessories required.

    In recent years, I've come across so many pretty white dresses. I really love white/beige/ivory dresses with silk or/and lace detailing.

  2. That dress IS wonderful! I have a floppy black hat like that and I'm thinking I may need one for my tropical getaway this Winter too. :)

    Bre @

  3. The dress itself is gorgeous but the styling in this photograph compliments its beauty even more - that messy side-braid, the floppy hat, ... stunning.

  4. oh my god what a friggen gorgeous outfit!

    xx scarzz