Nov 6, 2010

the perfect baby pink lips

So after searching high and low, I have finally found the perfect light pink lipstick.
You see, I don't have any lipsticks (I know, gasp!). I had some lipsticks when I was in high school (it was the 90's and everyone had those dark brown lips-dont even want to remember those) but its been years since that. See, I like the "natural" look, so when I do wear makeup I just stick with a smoky eye and some lip treatment or gloss. For a while now, I wanted to rock the "nude lip" with my smokey eye, but every nude lipstick I tried just washed me out completely. I finally gave up on that and decided I just can't rock that too-pale-lips because I look dead in plain words. So I decided I should just get a light pink. But it was not that easy.  I tried so many and finally gave up on pink. Pink (specially cool pinks with blue undertones) certainly are not made for me. And then one day Urban Decay at Sephora made my day. My gorgeous mother happened to be looking at these strange looking lipsticks and voila! For some reason this color grabbed my attention:
And it was love at first lipstick. On me it is exactly as the pretty girl on the Jill Stuart Blush Blossom Ad all the way up in this post. It is a nude pink with brown undertones? I'm pretty bad at descriving. But there seems to be some light browns with pinks going on there, but the results are just beautiful!

Here is a picture from Temtalia's blog. Her lips are way more pale than mine so the lipstick looks quite different on her, a little bit more cool tone while on me the warm shows more. But whether you have more pigmented lips like mine, or paler lips like Temptalia's, this little lipstick is still a gem. Read her review here
I must say, I hate the packaging, to the point that I was not even going to buy it do to its bulky and rocker look, and the dagger thing at the bottom, seriously what is that all about?! I prefer a classier look, specially to my first lipstick. But I will look beyond this, because the color I must say is just gorgeous :)


  1. Hmh.. I'm not one for natural lipsticks (oops!), but I dig it. ;)

    Thanks for sharing doll.

  2. @Amber Rose- yeap I can tell ;) hahaha Oh but the next lipstick I buy will be a red one. Been searching, and so far I think "Mac Russian Red" will be the one :)

  3. That lipstick shade looks so perfect! :)

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