Nov 4, 2010

Autumn in New York City

source for first picture click here, second click here.
I'm not a fan of cold weather, but I must say Autumn is like a piece of art. I'm not too thrilled because it leads to colder weather and that dreadful winter of ours :/ Nevertheless the colors of all the leaves makes it seem like youre walking through a painting. The following picture was taken by my cousin Chuchu at Tryont Park in New York City.
I assure you, theres not a more beautiful park than my enchanting Tryont park in New York City, not even Central park. The gardens in this park have no comparison. Wait, till you see these gardens in spring.


  1. wow this looks so beautiful. autumn is too pretty

  2. Wow, how gorgeous! It looks like a picture book!

  3. wow, so beautiful~~
    ♥ and you're right
    autumn is a piece of art~

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous photo! I'm already missing fall as she slips into winter...