Nov 23, 2010

A River flows in you

vbebe22 {vogue enfants}
I was a dancer since I was 4years-old until my teen years.  My teacher was always taking me in front of the class as an example for the rest of the students. I was pretty flexitable and I was always told I had the right body and specially the "right legs." The last years of dancing, I felt too much pressure on me- As if I was just always expected to be the best. I got sick once and was absent for a whole week. When I got back the teacher actually placed me in front for a dance routine everyone had learned already for the past week. As she was teaching me, I told her I would prefer to be in the back of the stage this time. But she still placed me in the front, while so many of the other dancers stood behind me. I think that was when I felt this was not for me. I felt that if I had the heart, i wouldve wanted to stay in the front no matter what. My teacher had more faith in me, than I had in myself. I noticed it was always her, and everyone else that wanted me to be a dancer more than I wanted myself. I may have had the right legs, but I just didn't have the heart. I loved it, don't get me wrong. I loved the thrill of being up in stage- The sound of my heart as the curtains where about to open- The feeling of my ballerina shoes against the soft floor, the classical music... I loved everything. And till this day everything about ballet moves me...and makes me feel that maybe just maybe I should have continued on....

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life.  
It would be a dream to see it performed on stage. Just click the play buttom trust me on this one 

First image from DailybitsofBeauty
Second image from Lolita (1997)


  1. I love this song. Your story about dancing makes one think.

  2. hey love,
    i loved this so much. i had to give us gymnastics because it was hurting my back, so i really understand why you miss it,but why you felt it wasn't right for you and its a sad thing. you write beautifully however.

    i want to give you a quick shout out in the next few days on my blog, so make sure you keep updated.

    eri xxx

  3. @Catherine- Isn't just beautiful? <3

    @Erimentha- Thank you Erimentha that is so sweet! ^_^

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog...And after reading this it made me think about my life and my 'what if's. I guess when your heart's not really in it, neither are you.

    The music is beautiful indeed, what is it called?