May 20, 2011

pretty little red facts

I found the cutest little red camera or whatever those ^ are called with slides from Disney movies in a wholesale store and I should have bought it even if it was to keep for my daughter :/ oh wells. In other news, good this time, I have been soda-free for a year now :) Remember this post, if you havent read it you need to, trust me :) Click here
oh and I have found the cutest red flats which I have added to my wishlist because with this wedding I might not be able to buy anything I don't need. But I really do think I need them? Wouldn't you? :(


  1. I love those patent red flats. I've been searching for some good quality red flats, preferably patent leather.

    You need red flats to brighten your life.

  2. viewfinders! i used to have a red one just like that, my brother's was blue.