May 28, 2011

i think i saw you in an ice cream parlor, drinking milkshakes cold and long

Don't you just love retro-vintage swinsuits? I have a bit of an obsession with swimwear but can you blame me? just take a look at Anthropologie's, Jcrew's, or Bloomingdale's swimwear and you will be hooked too. Luckily, I love my wallet a bit too much so I have just splurged in one for my honeymoon. I have not worn a one-piece since I was like twelve years-old, but trying to find the right one for my body was surprisingly easy, the hard part was choosing just one. I finally decided on Carmen Marc Valvo's retro one-piece in Aquamarine from Bloomingdales, but you can find it online on many stores including Victoria's.  I can't wait to wear it with my big floppy hat and some oversized sunglasses :)


  1. oh agreed, these are gorgeous, i especially love the one with the yellow top!
    thanks for your comment, im glad we both share the love for the old sienna ha. i wish she was still so fashionably iconic today. :(. oh well i might just re watch some old dvds ha. xo

  2. oh wow! i really like the swimsuit you ended up choosing. its so lovely, i like the way it gathers and the blue is stunning. where are you going for your honeymoon may i ask?

    love, xxx eri

  3. hello there:) yeah, vintage swimsuits are so fun. i love the colours and cuteness of them all.

  4. i love vintage suits. and the photography of these campaigns is equally gorgeous!