May 26, 2011

finding courtyards in new york city

A courtyard:  An unroofed area that is completely or partially enclosed by walls or buildings, typically one forming part of a castle, or a large residence.

Don't you just love courtyards? Ever since I saw this movie from the 90's (that for the life of me I can't remember the name) I fell in love. I just love the idea of coming home to your building opening the gate and seeing all this before you enter your apartment. I just love the intimacy of this yet open space, somehow it gives this romanctic, timeless feeling. While looking for apartments in New York city with the mister, (my wedding day is getting so close now), I found a little hidden treasure: A courtayard building in N.Y.C. that is actually affordable. It had been there all along. I had walked pass this bulding hundreds of times and I always thought it was beautiful, but I had never actually entered until a few weeks ago and oh my Lord, it is absolutlety beautiful, and yes I am in LOVE with it. Hmm, maybe it has to do something with this click here

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  1. Super Cool places. One will be overwhelmed to be in places like this. Even the same case is there in me. Thanks for the post.