Jan 8, 2011

Buba's baptism and a little surprise

So It's a New Year. And I know- I've been MIA since Christmas. As most of you know I went to my little Island to celebrate the holidays and the baptism of my sister's baby boy. The house was full with  all ten of us so I hardly had time to go online with such a full house. It was truly one of the best christmas I've ever experienced. My family is the best. And for some reason, everytime I came into blogger I just skipped and read through some blogs but never felt like blogging myself. I felt that I could not capture into pictures and words the happiness I was experiencing. However, something happened after the holidays that I must share.
As you guys know from two posts ago I was the Godmother at Rafael's Baptism (my sister's baby). During the ceremony, and many dancing, and laughs, and pictures, my sister announced she had a surprise for the godparents. I was completely confused, I'm thinking, "since when do Godparents get surprises?" Nevertheless, the godfather and I stand up and walk to the center of the dancing stage as guided by my brother-in-law who closes both our eyes with his hands and makes us face the wall. After a few seconds I hear everyone clapping and some people shouting and when we turn around I see the mister on his knees holding up a little box- and yes you guessed it- with a beautiful ring inside.
I am officially engaged  


  1. congratulations, lovely! that's so wonderful. :) x

  2. when I read your comment on my post, I jumped up and down. SO happy for you, love! Can't wait to read along as you share your plans :)

  3. Thanks girls!!! And yeah I want to use the blog to put some wedding inspiration so I hope I get inspired to put some posts on it these coming months :)

  4. Congratulations. =)

    It's going to be a very exciting time for you, in terms of wedding planning.

  5. Aw just found your blog and your lovely engagement story has put a smile on my face. Congratulations!