Jan 26, 2011

winter wonderland

So many things to do and so little time. I thought I was only planning a wedding, but I am also dealing with getting a new place, getting a new job, making sure it has good health insurance, reserving a date at church, making sure the date fits around everyone's schedule, and the worst thing is trying to settle all these things from winterland new york city -_- ugh! I truly do not like winter. I wish winter would only last one month- the month of December- covered in snow and tinkle lights and then spring would enter before you know it. But I do have to admit, I'm happy. So many good things in my life and around everyone that I love. My oldest sister had her second child not too long ago, and now my middle sister is pregnant. Both are happily married and now with beautiful families. I do believe in Karma, do good and you will only get good things. Treat others good, wish good upon others. Trust me, you will be a happier person if you wish everyone around you to be as well. One of the best things in life if having everyone you love be happy with you. So I may be stuck in winter, but it is a winter wonderland ^_^
First pic source from sssseahorse
Second pic source from weheartit


  1. You're getting married! OMG thats so exciting! I love weddings! I was just thinking I'd like to get married all over agian. Hee Hee. Good Luck! I'm sure it will be amazing!