Dec 1, 2010

Que sera, sera

How hard is it to find a pretty white simple dress?
So here's the short story: Theres a baptism in January and I'm the Godmother ^_^. And its all taking place in my beautiful Quisquella. It'll be warm, and even hot with all the kids, people, balloons, music, dancing and cake. Plus, the gathering will be taking place in the morning in a summer house's garden.
So whats the problem?
Well I'm in NYC now where its cold and its Christmas and it's becoming impossible to find a white dress (In Quisqueya it is accostumed that the family wears white while guests wear white or very pale pastel colors) This is all I got from the summer:
Its from Zara and its very simple and delicate. It might work adding the right accesorizes. It looks more simple in the picture because its not even ironed. Once its iron well, maybe add a belt and some gold or silver accesorizes I think I might work something out. Until now its all I got so I got to work with it. .  Unless I find something else. Any white dresses you know of online?

I couldn't find the place its going to be exactly at, but its a cross between these two following "Casa de Campos" in Quisqueya. The place where we had Anabella's baptism was a bit smaller but had these gorgeous trees and flowers all around the backyard and frontyard- like this cozy little garden. This place will be larger so the kids can run around. My sister wants to rent one of those giant playtents with all the colorful balls inside for the kids to play in- What are those called? Anywhos, I google "Casa de Campo" in Quisqueya and these where some choices and I remember it looked something like this. Isn't my little island just precious? :)
Oh and these are some inspiration pictures I had saved up, since in my crazy imagination everyone will be wearing flowers in their hair, hey its a tropical island after all, and you always catch a few people with them:
I know I know, I'm just a bit too excited about going for Christmas to my tropical little island and of course baptizing my gorgeous nephew Rafael...


  1. yeap :D It'll be my third godkid ^_^ I'm blessed with these little angels all around me <3

  2. The location looks amazing... wouldn't mind escaping for a bit of sunshine myself come January! And I think the dress will be just fine. It's very pretty and the accessories should bling it up perfectly. If you want a new one though, there's always ebay and Etsy, where seasons don't really exist!