Sep 14, 2010

I have been given a few awards in the past and being the lazy person that I am, I have not followed the rules and posted it here. However, I am truly thankful for them and always thought I will dedicate a spacial post for them but months have past and nothing. I always do this, I want to create something so perfect that I actually never even end up doing it. I know, shame on me. However, the beautiful Harlow Darling from Elegantly Wasted gave me an award and I have decided I will just do my awards as soon as they are given to me and that's that, whether my post is crappy or not. Seriously, what is my problem? Okay enough blogging and on with the award. Here are the rules:
-Post who gave you this award
-state 10 things you like
-give this award to ten other bloggers you like
Ten things I like  LOVE:
1. Summer Nights
I love summer with a passion. Especially summer nights and dusk. I just love taking walks when the sun is going down and reading with a blanket in the park. Summer is over in NYC and I'm so melancholic these days :(
2. Photography
I love capturing moments with a camera. I love photography, particularly candid ones, where people are not aware a picture is being taken. Such beautiful moments can be captured this way. 
3. Anything Vintage
I love vintage stuff, whether is furniture, beautiful dresses, photography and even books. I love mixing eras and having things with a history behind it.
4. The Country
I love the country or anything green enough. I love being surrounded by trees, and grass and flowers. I love little old houses where the wooden floors creek with endless backyards. Unfortunately I don't see this in the city :/
5. Reading
I love reading. I have countless of books in my shelves. I just love cuddling up with hot cocoa in the winter or going to the park in the summer and spreading a blanket on the grass and reading a good book.  Sometimes is good to step away from your life and live someone else's for a few hours even if its a fictional character ;P
6. New York City
As much as I curse my apple in the winter, I most admit I have grown to love it even with its old buildings, dirty streets and smelly train stations. Because once it lights up in the night theres nothing like it. 
7. My family
I love my family. Most of them are in my little Island of Quisqueya la Bella, so I only get to visit once or twice a year yet we are all so close and affectionate. My family is my backbone, without them I am nothing.
8. Children
I have a Psychology degree and children are my passion as you can even see from the previous post before this about my niece and nephew. I love working with children and helping a child out is one of the best feelings you can ever experience.
9. The Mister
I know a bit corny, but I do love the boyfriend. First time in my life I can actually say this. I found true love all the way in my middle twenties. I had even lost hope at times that I will never find a good one and a year and a half ago I finally found the one.
10. Quisqueya la Bella
This is where I was born and lived until I was eight years old. It is the most beautiful little island in my eyes, with all its little colorful vintage houses, mango trees in the backyards, and fresh tropical warm winds.

Now the ten bloggers that I like LOVE (besides Elegantly Wasted) are:
in no particular order btw ;P

There are too many blogs that I love, and I just wanted to keep on tagging but I'll just tag you dolls in the next one so don't think you'll sneak by, I will get you next time ;P


    Your blog is so beautiful--you must have a talent with web design!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me! It's very nice to hear a bit from you.

  3. @ Paige Youre welcome and thanks, yes I am a bit of an "html" nerd lol ;P

    youre welcome Velvet :)

  4. Oh wow!!! I'm so stoked. Thank you lovely girl xoxoxo

  5. I feel honored to the moon and back. What did I ever do to deserve a reader like you? Thank you for your kindness Zaira!

  6. I totally agree with you on your list. Ahh photography and summer nights:) I'm going to go check out these blogs!

  7. I don't know if you saw my "thank you" response left after your comment informing me of this honor, so I wanted to be sure to say it properly on here. I'm so flattered and can't wait to compile my own list soon!

  8. Everything is lovely on your list! and the photo is so beautiful!


  9. Thank you for the bloggy love! My 10 Things will be up soon... and I loved reading yours as well as checking out my fellow honorees!

  10. youre welcome girls, I love all these blogs ^_^