Sep 24, 2010

The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw

I don't want to forget...
When I am old and wrinkly, and my boobs sag, and I can't wear skirts, I don't want to forget
I don't want to forget that I was once beautiful, and that I still am.
No, I don't want to forget that I'll still be lovely with my white hair and laugh lines.
I don't want to forget that everyone is beautiful. That everything is beautiful.
Old, young, skinny or fat, curly hair, straight hair, pouty lips, thin lips, freckles
All beautiful
Bright colorful faces, all shapes and sizes, smiles and laughter,
Beautiful, every single imperfection, every flaw: charming, pretty, cute, just lovely.
I don't want to forget
That you, reading this, YOU are beautiful
You without the makeup, and the glossy lips, and the hair straightener, and the pretty dress
the way you roll out of bed
I don't want to forget...
I don't want YOU to forget, that you my darling, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (and so is everyone else)

This picture taken the same day as this one here (click)

quote on title by Havelock Ellis. Midnight ramblings by little me :P


  1. You're always beautiful as long as you have a beautiful heart. :)

  2. I always get so depressed when I walk past clothes stores that are for the over 50s...I dread the day I wont be able to wear cute skirts and whimsical girlish things...

  3. wuguimei- That is beautiful too :) hahaha Yes I agree, guess wouldn't make sense calling someone who just committed a crime "beautiful"

    Harlow Darling- I know :/ but we all heading down there sooner or later :/

  4. Such a beautiful post. I adore your blog ♥

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. =)

  5. thanks Amy :) and youre welcome I kept reading and reading your blog and couldn't stop hahaha ^_^