Sep 25, 2010

my sisters...

I love my sisters so much. It's so weird how each of us live in completely different countries now. My oldest sister lives in Canada and my middle sister lives in Quisqueya. I'm the youngest and sometimes I feel I'm the one that misses them the most. Maybe cause Cesarina is married with two kids now (my cupcake and buba) and my middle sister, Yoyi, is married as well and has all our family with her in Quisqueya. In other words, they have busier lives. I just saw Cesarina when I was in Canada of course but I miss my Yoyi :( Mostly because I just found out SHE'S PREGNANT!!! YAYYYYY!!! I'm so happy! Oh I just can't wait to visit my little island of Quisqueya now! It's going to be so much better with a little baby giggling around ^_^

image source here


  1. aw, I love my sister too. I am the oldest and can't imagine a stronger bond than that between sisters. Congrats on your middle sister's little bun in the oven! So exciting :)

  2. aww congrats to your sister! Thats awesome news :)

    It must suck to be so far away from each other, I don't know how i'd cope xx

  3. awww so cute!congrats to your sister & i love the pic!


  4. its so weird how we all grow apart! congrats to your sis.

    i adore the picture!
    xx scarzz

  5. thanks girls, and yes its a beautiful pic the source to the photographer is up there on the link ;)

  6. Congratulations to your sister! My sister lives in Australia and I miss her an awful lot. But it's fun because I can visit her and she comes here for the holidays. :)

    I do wish one of my siblings would get married and have kids already though. i want to be an aunt! Hahah

    Bea from A plus B

  7. i have three sisters, one of which is a twin. it is the best of any relationship. I wish they were not so busy as well. :)
    And congrats to your sister!

  8. What a beautiful post. Sisters are the BEST.