Oct 5, 2010

wake me up when we get there.
I need some inspiration.

I'm having some blah days. Nothing much to do. And yes, I know, my blog should be full of entries now that I have the time- however, I have no inspiration to even write. I have neglected you, I know. Instead I come in here and read other blogs. As a matter of fact, its most probable that I have read about every single entry you have written these past few days. I don't comment all the time. But I have stalked your page, just so you know :), specially to those I have subscribed recently too.

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  1. Oh... those days of blankness and blah. I've had a few myself. At least you have the great sense to post a gorgeous photo even when having the blahs!

  2. Sometimes I have those days especially on a Saturday or Sunday because I don't have work to attend to. Sometimes it's good to have a day where you do nothing or simply a minimalist day.

  3. @Prippy Handbook: hahaha

    @Amy: Yeah its good to have days to yourself but I always like looking forward to something, and everything is so the same these days, I feel I need something new, anything. I'll get over it in a few days :p

  4. awww! i know excatly how that feels! when you actually have time then your blah and dont have inspiration i had that spell i dislike when i dont have inspiration. but lovely house. I love your blog always <3 =)

  5. You have really beautiful photos on this blog!