Aug 8, 2010

a girls night out to remember...

Mayreni, me, and Dinilsa
One of the best nights of my life. Boy did we have fun that night. 
I'm really nostalgic for an all girls night out in town, and summer is almost over so my wish may not come true :( Had so many laughs that night I remember my cheeks hurting. I believe we went to around three different places, including two lounges and one bar/club all around Times Square. Surprisingly I don't remember much pain on my feet the next morning just how much fun we had :)
On the other hand, today I have a headache, my feet hurt, and I'm just not feeling good at all, and all I did yesterday was go to one single little place- the mall. I'm beyond tired- just consoling myself to some bittersweet dark chocolate and some old movies

Wish you feel better muchachita so we can relieve that night soon :/


  1. haha I love your pics! looks like you had a fun night! sucks about the headache and sort feet (it was worth it though right?) xx

  2. I love these photos and your smiles!