Aug 6, 2010

Oh Leo Leo, where are thou Leo? Well everywhere my dear and apparently for many years to come

So I finally went to see "Inception" and I am completely fascinated. Leonardo always impresses me. When I was in high school I had the biggest crush on Leo. And no, I do not mean I thought he was cute, oh no, I swore he was the most beautiful man on the face of this earth. I collected pictures on one of my walls of bands and artists and actors, and he was the main attraction. In one, you could see my lipstick kiss-stain on his lips. Yeah, I was that obsessed! You know what I loved most about him? He always had potential. He wasn't just that pretty boy who took roles of Prince-Charming-syndrome characters, oh no, this guy went all the way to even playing a young boy with developmental disabilities. He always seem so down-to-earth no matter how much fame he got. And that is why he is where he is today. Now that I have grown, I can't say I'm really attracted to Leo, yeah he's cute, but not really my type, crazy how time changes you huh? However, unlike when I was a teenager and ran to the movies just for his face, now I still find myself watching all his movies but just because I just know they are worth my time- Always full of enough action and drama, they give you the right amount of adrenaline rush and of course remarkable acting. And better yet, you know your guys will want to watch them and even drag you themselves. The boy has grown to be a distinguished actor, one that when I'm a grandmother myself, I will say to my kids and grandkids, "Now that my child is an ACTOR." Never again will there be another Leonardo DiCaprio.  One day, the Oscars will do that long section they do, whats it called "Lifetime Achievement? You know the ones they show sections of all the great films the actor has done with the sentimental music in the background, the one that makes people shed a few tears, And most times, the actors are old and wrinkly and it reminds you of how beautiful they were once?  Hahaha I know. But just read it for yourself:
"Few actors in the world have had a career quite as diverse as Leonardo DiCaprio's...DiCaprio is now one of the biggest movie stars in the world...As someone who has gone from small parts in television shows to one of the most respected actors in the world, DiCaprio has had one of the most diverse careers in cinema. DiCaprio continues to defy conventions about the types of roles he will accept, and with his career now seeing him leading all star casts in action thrillers such as The Departed, Shutter Island and Christopher Nolan's Inception, DiCaprio continues to wow audiences by refusing to conform to any cliché about actors. DiCaprio is not merely a former teen heart-throb turned leading man, he is one of the most respected, daring and challenging actors working today" -IMDB
As of now, I'm just waiting for that day he wins and Oscar, cause he sure deserves one.
I saw him here in NYC a long time ago, he actually rolled down the limousine window and gave one of his gigantic smiles and waved at the people walking on the sidewalk. Now how humble can he be?


  1. I remember when Titanic came out and Leo became the man that all the girls loved. I never had a crush on him, he was just never my type, but he is and amazing actor. I am a big fan of his; you're right, he always chooses smart roles, ones with depth to them. I really want to see Inception-- still have yet to!

  2. Ah Kalie your comment makes me feel so much better, I thought I was the only one who had not watched Inception. Here in NYC, everyone is talking about it. I take the train I hear about it from other passengers, I come in Facebook, I read everyone commenting about it, was driving me nuts, had to see what was the big deal hahaha. And yeah actually after Romeo and Juliet he became America's number one heart-throb. I remember those days like yesterday, yet I don't feel attracted to him not even one bit anymore, but my admiration has not changed a bit.

  3. He is one of the best male actors ever. His acting in Romeo and Juliet and Titanic was amazing!


  4. Leo's career track is quite impressive. I read in an interview that Zac Efron admired him the most. I hope he goes down a similar route because he's too good to just be remembered as a teen heartthrob!

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