Mar 8, 2010

urban outfitters

I absolutely love Urban Outfitters spring catalog '10, the shots are so inspiring

this picture up here reminds me of my grandfather’s place in “mi Quisqueya la bella.” Actually, everything vintage reminds me of my country. Maybe that’s why I’m so in love with antique pictures and objects, clothes, anything you name it. See the old radio in the picture next to the bed? Theres also a flashlight next to it. I love these little details that tell us of simpler times and places. The picture looks so effortless with its antique twin-bed, cracked old walls, even to the sheer white curtain- so simple yet adds those perfect aged touches. The picture below is another perfect example on how simple a picture can be, yet absolutely delicate and beautiful. I love how the sun is hitting the picture in between the shadows.

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