Mar 6, 2010

salt on my hair

Last night  I dreamt I was a mermaid and woke up with salt on my hair and sand on my shoes. But in the light of day, the salt itches my skin, and the sand bothers my toes. I scratch, I rub off, I shove -yet trying to remain what I once was. I breathe in whispers of what others can’t understand. I try to speak, but words are yet to come out. I just want to sing, so that no one will forget who I was, who I am. But the day has uncovered my veil and I don’t look as beautiful as I once was. It’s hard to breathe in with no water to cover my eyes from all this pollution, all these scattered letters and lies of what was once beautiful.  I need someone’s arms to guide me along, I’m not as strong without my seas. I look down at my legs, yet I don’t know how to use them. I want to run far, stretch my arms and laugh, but the salt on my skin itches and the sand in my shoes bothers my toes

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